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About REALM Online Directory


What is ASAC Realm Online Directory?
In addition to your All Saints Paper Directory, ASAC offers a secure online directory called Realm which can only be accessed by your All Saints Church Family.  To use Realm you simply need to create an account and from there you will have the convenience to:
* Update your contact information
* View the church directory
* Give online, update your recurring gifts, and view your personal giving statements. 
(When you use Realm you will be taken to a secure page hosted by ACS Technologies. Your information and financials are secure and private.)

**Please note that only those who are in the Church database as Active Members can access Realm and the information in it.  Each user has the ability to set their own privacy settings and only the information they want made viewable, will be viewable to others.

Why do I want to be included in the Realm Online Directory?
The Realm Online Directory is a way for your All Saints Family to be able to have your up to date contact information (including picture).  You decide what you want to include and who has permission to view within the church.

Who is in the Directory?
Active members who requested an invitation from Missy in the church office and created an account by following prompts put forth in the invitation will be included in the online directory. 

**Members who have not created an account, will not show up in the Realm Online Directory, but are still listed in the paper directory.

How do I create an account in Realm?
Active members who have an email address on file with the church office may request an invitation to Realm by contacting Missy in the ASAC office either at or 770-486-5374.  You will receive your Realm invite in your email inbox.  Your invite should come to you through your email and it should come from All Saints Anglican Church.  You are then able to create your account by following the prompts in the invitation.  You will be asked to create a secure password and then you will activate your account.

I created an account, but I can’t remember where to go to login?
You simply go to All Saints Website: and click on RESOURCES at the top of the page. A drop down will open and you access by clicking on REALM ONLINE DIRECTORY LOGIN. (

Help, I’ve forgotten my password!
That’s easy!  Go to the Realm login page (see above) and click “Forgot Password”. 

Is there a Realm mobile app available?
Yes, there is a Realm mobile app!  It's called Realm Connect.  Realm Connect allows active members who have created an account in Realm to view the Online Directory and also to Give or view your Giving history. 

How do I get the Realm Connect mobile app?
To download the app to your mobile phone go to your App store and search Realm Connect - For Our Church.  Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you may access the Realm Online Directory by clicking More on the bottom right tab of your phone.  Click on Groups and then click on All Saints Anglican Church to be able to view the directory. You may also Give online, and view your personal giving statements by using the App. Simply Click on Giving on the bottom tab to make a gift or view your year to date statement.
**Remember, only active members who have created an account in Realm will show up in the online directory.

For any questions or if you are an active member of All Saints and would like to request an invitation to join the Realm Online Directory, please contact Missy in the church office at or 770-468-5374.