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Hard Questions for God with Rev. John Barnes

Every Wednesday until November 16, 2022

7:05pm – 8:15pm

Location: Office Meeting Room 149 Ebenezer Rd, Fayetteville, GA - Georgia 30215-4816


Hard Questions for God

We Christians sometimes casually speak of the goodness of God. But when a friend is tragically killed or when someone we love suffers severely or unfairly, we have doubts. What does it mean to say, “God is good” when some terrible things happen in the Bible and in life? This study is based on several helpful books, but you won’t have to read any of them to benefit from the study. In this study we’ll look at what the Bible teaches about the difficult side of faith: suffering, Hell, and scriptures that seem hateful or violent.

Session 1: Introduction and stumbling blocks: Can we believe in a good God in a bad world?

Session 2: If God is powerful and good, then why do we suffer?

Session 3: Life seems unfair; how does the world work?

Session 4: Can God be good if there’s a Hell?

Session 5: Why does God command the death of the Canaanites?

Session 6: Why do the psalmists curse others?

Session 7: Where is God when it hurts?

Rev. John Barnes, who has been attending All Saints since before Covid, is a retired United Methodist Church minister and has taught this class several times previously at Fayetteville First UMC and in other churches. He will be leading this small group experience. The group will be limited to 8-10 people to allow adequate sharing and discussion.

 The study will meet Wednesday evenings from 7:05pm - 8:15pm in the Office Meeting Room (OMR). We’ll start on July 13th and end on Aug. 24. Call the church office (770-486-5374) or John Barnes (706-975-1816) to reserve a spot.

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