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Wednesdays at All Saints

Holy Communion:  6:00 PM in the Chapel

Potluck Dinner:  6:30 PM in the Gathering Place

Adult Bible Study:  7:00 - 8:00 PM in the Gathering Place

(Childcare is provded for all Wendesday night activities)

Current Teaching Series (led by Father Alan):

When two or three are gathered together in my name I am in the midst of you.

There is power in numbers and when God's people gather to pray together wonderful things happen.  Toward that end we are currently doing a in depth study on Corporate Prayer/Intercession.

The goal is to cultivate a greater emphasis on Corporate Prayer at All Saints.
Corporate prayer/intercession is a little different from the personal devotions and Sunday Morning liturgies which include prayers offered by the congregation.  Corporate prayer/intercession is a specific gathering for the singular purpose of praying together.
It is our hope that we could designate one day a month for this purpose inviting everyone who is able to attend.  There would be a combination of written and read prayers as well as a time for more spontaneous intercessions and petitions.
Over and over again in scripture we read about God's people gathering together and crying out to God and seeing God's faithfulness in "hearing" our cries and "answering" our prayers.
You are invited to join us on Wednesday Nights for this study.