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Youth Discipleship (Sunday School)

The 2017/2018 Discipleship Hour (Sunday School) schedule is fresh and exciting!  Our year is broken down into sessions that focus on a variety of topics.  Beginning September 10th, we will welcome a new youth ministry year with a fresh dose of grace, followed by a series about 'Knowing the God Who Is'.  In January and in prepapration for our retreat, we will pick up with a short series on 'Who is the Holy Spirit' and end that session with our annual youth retreat.  Heading into Lent, we will continue with a series on 'Identity & Purpose' and then finish out our year with another small series that is relavant to the lives of youth.

We encourage students and parents to make the effort to attend discipleship as often as possible.  Just one hour a week can make a huge impact in the lives of our youth!  It's worth getting out of bed!  

2017/2018 Schedule