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Pastoral Care Needs

 jonesA2Pastoral Care Needs for Allene Jones

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ. I am writing you regarding our sister in Christ, Allene Jones. As many of you know she has been in Piedmont Atlanta for more than
sixty days and on February 14th she was transferred to a step-down unit to transition her from the trach collar and continuation of chemo treatment. At the time of transfer Alene was conscious, talking with the aid of a device. 

In the past week Allene has lost consciousness and has been placed on a ventilator to assist with her breathing. These changes are attributed to an infection and she is being treated aggressively to determine the type and cause. It is anticipated that Allene will be in this facility until the infection is eliminated and she can be removed from breathing assistance. In short this could be a long haul and her family has been very attentive at each step of the way. At this point they are fatigued and need their brothers and sisters to come alongside them to care for Allene.

On behalf of the family, I ask you to prayerfully consider, committing to visit Allene at Select Medical located at 705 Juniper Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. The facility is located close to the Fox and a secure and free parking facility is available next to the hospital. A suggested visit would be 1-3 hours during the daytime hours. You will be asked to wear a gown, gloves and possibly a mask due to infection risks for the patient, not the visitor. Your presence and observation would be very helpful.
If you would be willing to give of your time, please coordinate your visit by clicking on the following link to access an online calendar page:
Calendar ID  :  313382    Security code :  9977

By scheduling your visit online, this will help to ensure no duplications.  This effort will be complimentary to the family’s visits. Following your visits we ask that you contact Fr. Don at and he will compile input for the week and communicate them to the family.
On behalf of a grateful, but tired family, thank you for continued prayers and your anticipated response to this request. Please call Fr. Don at 229-944-0934 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued prayers.
(The Rev.) Don Hutchens