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What We Believe

With all Bible-believing Christians everywhere, and throughout the ages, we hold that the true faith concerning God and His son Jesus Christ has been handed down to us by the Apostolic band. As eyewitness and servants of the Word, they were uniquely equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to present the Gospel story and authoritatively to interpret its meaning and significance for us who live as disciples of Jesus.  Therefore we hold the Scriptures as the supreme authority in the Church today.

We further acknowledge and hold fast to what has been called “that which everyone, everywhere in the Church, has always believed.” This is summed up in three creeds: the Apostles’, the Nicene, and the Athanasian Creeds. These ensure we are reading and understanding Scripture just as the Apostles did.

Finally, as children of the world-wide missionary efforts of the Church of England, we hold to the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion. These encapsulate the sound teaching - especially concerning faith and justification - which was emphasized during the Protestant Reformation.

At All Saints Anglican Church, we attempt to make both our teaching and our living according to the Anglican Way: Reformed, Catholic (universal), Spirit-filled Christianity.