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Weekly Bulletin Announcements


Congratulations to our new Deacons:

The Rev’s Michael Cooley & Jeff Lamb!

ASAC Benevolence Fund.  The ASAC Benevolence Fund was established for the purpose of meeting the needs of those in and around our community who are experiencing momentary hardships.  You can be a part of this effort by donating loose currency or a check designated for “ASAC Benevolence Fund” the first Sunday of each month.

Intercessory Prayer List.  Our Intercessory Prayer List is located on the credenza in the narthex every Sunday, please include anyone that needs prayer.  You may also call or email the church office with additions. Names on the prayer list will be removed at the beginning of every month. If you wish to keep that person on the list, please notify the church office and update when they may be removed.  The names in BOLD have requested to remain.  A point of contact has been added to the DEPLOYED column and names listed without a point of contact will be removed quarterly.

Baby Bottle Drive.  From Mother’s Day (May 10th) until Father’s Day (June 21st) we are asking you to prayerfully take the opportunity to support our mission partner, Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, by donating to All Saints Anglican Church by check or electronically and designating the gift “Baby Bottle Drive.”  Thank you for support of our mission to aid those who chosen life for their children.

Archbishop’s Call to Prayer.  Sisters and brothers, I am asking you to join me in spending the next week in prayer and fasting for North America (Wednesday, June 3 – Wednesday, June 10). For those who can fast the whole week, a day, or a meal, I ask you set aside time to intercede on behalf of your community, state, and nation.  Pray in the Holy Spirit and as the Holy Spirit leads you, and as you do, consider these petitions:

  • Show me my own sin; reveal to me the darkness of my own heart (Ps.139:24)
  • Reveal to me the repentance I need in my own life.
  • The ending of the lawlessness and violence.
  • Justice for those who have had their lives taken from them, especially George Floyd, and comfort for their families.
  • Comfort for the family and friends of the thousands of people who have lost their lives because of Covid-19.
  • Help for the millions who find themselves suddenly without a job.
  • Provision for all those business owners who have lost their business because of rioting, for those who have insurance and those who do not.
  • Strength for the health care workers, nurses, doctors, technicians in hospitals and medical facilities who continue to work fearlessly to save lives.
  • Wisdom for our government and civil leaders as they seek to keep us safe both from the virus and from the violence in our cities.
  • Food and provision for those who are hungry and in need.
  • Fresh anointing for the Church of Jesus Christ to faithfully proclaim the Gospel and reach people who are hurting, suffering, alone, and in need.
  • Specific acts of grace and mercy that You want me to carry out in this time.

If you would like some specific prayers to help you pray, consider those found in the Book of Common Prayer 2019 on pages 657-661.

ASAC Christmas Bazaar.  The Christmas Bazaar is on Saturday, November 14th from 9:00am – 3:00pm.  At the moment we don’t have any worker bee’s planned, but encourage members to craft at home!  In addition to the vendors we will have an area for the church’s handmade crafts again.  There are some things left over from last year, but we are always looking for new crafts to add.  If anyone has any questions they can contact Lori Overson or Robin Spratlin.